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These sites are available to help coaches find more great teaching ideas for their players.  Please forward links for other sites you discover to us at

Creating / Accessing your US Lacrosse Online Profile to access USL Online Training Courses.

Practice Planning Help

US Lacrosse Practice Plans

  US Lacrosse Drill Archive

   USL Mobile Coach

  •  Free to current USL members.
  • A source of skill & tactic training drills.
  • Over 200 drills are listed with video presentations of more than 100 drills.

    Kudda Sports

  • Annual membership fee required (Talk to your Team Rep for help.) 
  • It's a very good source for drills, practice plans and articles covering many aspects of coaching.
  • It also features a high quality HS game of the week in the spring for viewing.


Drills and Lessons on Tactics and Skills Training

   Notre Dame Lacrosse University

  • This site has a variety of drills presented by NDU Assistant Coach, Gerry Byrne.
  • It's a great source for free drills of various purposes.

  • Duke Lacrosse Highlights and clinics.
  • Click on "Video" and sort by Men's (Highlights and Clinics) or Women's Lacrosse (Highlights only)
  • Scroll thru the pages of video titles and look for this logo.

    Top Lacrosse Drills

  • Beginners and intermediate skills training in a fun and effective teaching environment.

Non Lacrosse Specific Sites for coaching ideas and ways to improve the experience for your players.

Positive Coaching Alliance tools for coaches


US Lacrosse Coaching Online Training:

US Lacrosse Coaches Education Program

General Online Documents:

Boys Player Progression Chart

Coaching Tips for 3-8th grades

Coaching Tips for Stick Fundamentals

Coaching Tips for Wall Drills

Boys Youth Lax Drills PDF File from YMCA Lax,

Tips for College Careers

Playing Hurt - Untrained coaches lead to injuries

Positive Coaching Alliance Tips 
-The Power of OPO
-Responding to Challenges
-Teachable Moments
-Panning Back
-Winners Circle
-Athlete Teaching
-You Can Help
-Productive Practices
-Expecting Kids to Think
-The Futility of Punishment
-Nurturing Great Competitors
-Reinforcing What You Want
-When I Become the Coach
-Top 10/Bottom 10 moments in Sports, 2008

If you have other online sites you think we should list on this site, please share the URL with by sending it to us at