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Positive Coaching Alliance
All high school varsity coaches are required to have completed the PCA Double Goal Certification either on-line or in person prior to the first game of the season. While it is required for head coaches, we recommend that ALL coaches take this valuable training.
Sportsmanship Card/ “Culture Keeper” Program
The Sportsmanship Card/”Culture Keeper” program is used in both the ULA High School and ULA Youth Leagues. The intention is to maintain a positive sideline environment and to correct unsportsmanlike behavior that has a negative impact on the game. Goals of this initiative include:
1) Eradicate the "unsportsmanlike behavior" that is creeping into sport, 
2) Strengthen sportsmanship,
3) Contribute to the retention of officials, and 
4) Honor the game.

Each team is asked to designate a culture keeper for their fans prior to each game. Culture Keepers should wear the Sportsmanship Badge provided to the team by the ULA. If you need additional badges, please contact the ULA.
Sportsmanship Awareness Campaigns

In addition, the ULA actively supports the Men’s and Women’s Safety and Sportsmanship Campaigns to “Honor the Game, Compete With Class” and “Be Fierce and Fair”. Materials associated with these campaigns are distributed at community events.

We encourage all players and coaches to sign the Compete with Class pledge to Honor the Game/ BFF Be Fierce & Fair pledge to honor the game.