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Parent Programs & Services


Parent programs and booster clubs play a vital role in supporting and encouraging the growth of lacrosse in Utah. Below is a list of forms that may be helpful for your organization. Please contact the ULA with any questions.

Coaches Pay/ Stipend Request Form- This form is to be completed by the program treasurer within 45 day of the end of the respective season. The ULA will only pay checks to individuals or to programs that have a EIN/TIN number. 

The ULA offers several grants each year to programs and community partners. Please visit our Grants Page for more information.

As a the Utah Chapter of US Lacrosse, we offer several programs and services to help grow the sport. The ULA staff is also available to help organize some of the classes and programs outlined in our Programs and Services document. 


Parent Rep Training Opportunities  We offer Training Programs for Parent Organizations too.  Checkout the "Education" Tab on a regular basis to learn about important Training and Panel discussion opportunities as our community shares their experiences with each other.  

The ULA is a volunteer driven organization and is organized as a series of volunteer councils. Each league is governed by their respective commissioner and elected council. Please contact the council directly for issues, concern and questions. 

The ULA office staff is eager to assist fledgling, established and veteran programs meet their goals. Please contact the office staff if we can be of any assistance or if you would like a ULA representative to be at any of your parent, player or board meetings.

Thank you for all that you do!