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2016 Men's Summer League Teams & Captains


Division I:

Average Bros – Bridger Fisher -  

Crease Goblins – Luke Graney -

Grateful Heads – Collin Madsen –   

Herbs4life – Dillon Dutkanych -

Mortal Wombat – Spencer Simpson -  

Screaming Seagulls – Jake Arbon -  

Storm Lacrosse – Fred Davis -

Team Wolf –  Parker Ellison -  

The Frogs – Daniel Anderson -  


Division II:

Blues Bros – Joe Lambert -  

Free Agents – open registration

I Fratelli - Hunter Hansen - 

Toulouse Lacrosse – Sean Zuckerman -  

Tribe Lacrosse – Brett “Fish” Bartlett -  

Velvet Peppers – Tanner Boden -  



Teams for 2015

Sugar Honey Iced Tea - Zach Gosselin

Storm Lacrosse - Fred Davis

Tribe Lacrosse - Fish Bartlett

JV Allstars - Joshua Freeman

Sherpas - Gregory Gowdy

Giraffes - Michael Lee

Herbs4Life - Dillon Dutkanych

Grateful Heads - Scott Kellner

Star-Belly Sneetches - Tanner Boden

Big Love - Luke Graney

Chillax - Sean Zuckerman

Mortal Wombat - Spencer Simpson

Team Wolf - Parker Ellison

FREE AGENTS - Collin Madsen


Not on a team? Then you will either need to contact one of the team captains above to see if they have room on their roster, or register as a FREE AGENT and you will be placed on a team before the season starts. If you have any other questions, please contact our office at