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Men's League Rules and Guidelines – 2016

Updated: June 16, 2016


Number of Players: No less than 16 players on a roster to have a team. Recommended number is no less than 20 due to summer vacations and other travels.

 Player Eligibility: Players MUST be at least 17 years of age and NO LONGER ATTENDING HIGH SCHOOL.  Players currently enrolled or intending to enroll in any further High School education beyond Spring 2016 are ineligible for Men's League.  Any violation of this rule will result in sanctioning from both Men's League and Utah High School lacrosse participation.  University or college enrollments have no bearing on Men's League eligibility.

Players must hold a current US Lacrosse membership that expires after the end of the season.  These memberships will be verified before the beginning of the season. 

In the event that a player is injured, or otherwise unable to play for the remainder of the season, their roster position may be filled by another player. This process will only be considered official through the following procedure:

  • The Inactive Player submits written consent to the league commissioner for their registration to be replaced by a new player.
  • The Team Captain submits written consent that a specific new player be added to the team.
  • The New Player submits all of their contact information, including a current US Lacrosse Membership, to the ULA BEFORE participating in the league.

By violation of this procedure, any participating player not originally registered with a team will be considered ineligible. Team's playing with ineligible players are disqualified from post season play.

League Rules: Teams that forfeit more than 3 regular season games DO NOT QUALIFY FOR PLAYOFFS. Verbal assault and/or fighting between players and/or refs is not tolerated. Inappropriate behavior means immediate dismissal from the league at the ULA's discretion.

Field: Regulation size field – 110 yards in length and between 53 and 60 yards in width. (See NFHS rulebook for diagram).

 Equipment: Reasonable helmet, elbow pads, and gloves are required. Shoulder pads, and mouth guards are not required though they are highly recommended. There are no stick rules for the most part as long as a stick isn’t “obscene” as determined by the commissioner or referees. There is no regulation on pocket depth however sticks must be at least 37” or longer.


Team Captain Responsibilities: Team captains must attend the pre-season meeting. Team captains are responsible for informing teams of game times, schedule changes, and league updates. They are responsible to fill the team roster, including each position necessary. It is with the team captain that the commissioner will communicate any problems or concerns that need to be taken care of.  Also, the team captain is responsible to ensure that only players on the team roster are playing, and that each player on the roster is eligible according to the league guidelines. 


Team Responsibilities: Each team is responsible for either setting up or taking down one goal. Players not assisting with goals may either set up or collect end-line balls and cones.


Spectators: Spectators are held to the same conduct rules and standards as players. Harassment of referees is not tolerated! Being on the premises is a privilege enforced by both referees and the league commissioner. Any rude or abusive behavior results in a dismissal from the field.  Spectators are encouraged to sit on the sidline opposite of the player area.


Time Factors and Scoring:

  • Four Quarters, 12 – minute running clock
  • Each team receives one, 1 minute time-out per half that can be called from anywhere on the field.
  • The clock only stops for team and referee time outs (penalty time stops during these as well).
  • If time/weather permits, Sudden Victory OT will be played.  4 minutes for the first OT period (teams defend the same goal as in the 4th quarter).  If a 2nd OT is necessary, teams will switch goals and will play until someone scores, no time limit on 2nd OT period length. THERE ARE NO TIME OUTS IN ANY OT PERIODS.
  • Implement quick restarts


Rules and Referee Style:

We will follow NCAA rules. Exceptions and specifications are below.

  • There will be an emphasis on illegal body checks, ESPECIALLY hits to the head. Hits to the head will draw no less than a 1 minute NON-RELEASABLE penalty.
  • There is a 4 second count for the goalie (once he has possession).
  • There is a 30 second count once your team establishes possession of the ball to get it into your offensive box.
  • Penalty enforcement will be the NCAA rules. The play will not be called dead until there is a goal, change of possession, or dead ball.
  • Face-offs will be conducted per NCAA rules, HOWEVER, there will be no penalty for 3 face-off violations. 
  • Teams are allowed to have a maximum of 5 long poles on the field (unlike HS and College where the limit is 4).  If a team has 6 long poles on the field they are guilty of 'Illegal Procedure'.
  • Penalties are running time. Personal fouls are 1:30 minute and technical fouls are 45 seconds.
  • There is no stop-time during the last 2 minutes of the game. The team with the lead must “keep it in the box” during the last 2 minutes.  Tie game means neither team has to 'keep it in'.
  • Teams must have at least 8 players (including a goalie) to start the game. Teams without at least 8 players on the field at the start of a game forfeit. Any team that does not have a goalie at the start of a game forfeits.  In the event that the team's goalie will not be able to participate, a goalie from a different team may legally take their place. Games forfeited from lack of players can still be played if both teams desire, but the outcome will have no bearing on standings.
  • If a team wishes to protest a game for any reason it must be done prior to the beginning of the game.  If a player not on the roster waits until during the game to play you may protest as soon as he steps on the field.  An official roster (with emergency contact info) will be kept at the table.
  • All referees are trained US Lacrosse Referees and will call all rules and penalties as sanctioned by US Lacrosse.  Referees interested in reffing men's league must contact Grant Nielson.
  • If a player is ejected by the officials for any reason, at a minimum, they are suspended from their team's next game.
  • Harassment of Referees in any way is not tolerated! Being on the premises is a privilege as enforced by both referees and the league commissioner.  Any rude or abusive behavior results in a dismissal from the field and possible further league disciplinary actions.

Hitting and Contact: This is a full contact league. Un-necessary or un-sportsmanlike hitting or conduct will be penalized at the referees discretion.

Fighting: The NCAA rule book defines fighting as:

"A player, substitute, nonplaying member of a squad, coach or anyone officially connected with a team deliberately striking or attempting to strike anyone in a malicious manner, or leaving the bench or coaches area during an altercation." 

For the purposes of Men's League, this definition applies to timing before, during, and after league activities. 

Any behavior falling within these guidelines, whether in the form of instigation or retaliation, results in immediate ejection from the game, and expulsion from the league for the remainder of the season.  No second chances are given for fighting or leaving the bench in the event of an altercation.  A non-ejected player from the offending team(s) serves a 3 minute non-releasable penalty (adjusted to 4:30 minutes running time penalty) for any violation of this rule.